Antigua – Oh how I miss thee

I tend to have a elitist attitude when it comes to certain countries that you aught to visit. The number one island on the list is my home of Antigua & Barbuda. Sadly I’ve yet to take a quick flight over to the sister island of Barbuda. Next time!

Antigua boasts of 365+ beaches. It’s a local saying that, “The beach is just the beginning.” And they do mean it. Antigua has a very interesting appeal. The people are friendly, generous and willing to help whenever possible. If I have an American friend traveling to Antigua and is in need of some assistance, all I have to do is make a quick phone call and things are taken care of. That didn’t sound so true until an old college classmate of mine saw the photos I’ve been posting of Antigua and decided she and her husband wanted to visit. Like I do most of my peers, I suggested that if she was serious then I would make a phone call and get her hotel accommodations taken care of.

She emailed me a few weeks later stating that my hotel friends took care of her at a great rate. Rate was so good that she thought it was a prank. The next time you decide to visit Antigua, be sure to ask about the Teshorn Jackson Special!




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