As a wedding photographer I would prefer to spend my time meeting with the clients who love both my work and my personality. Most importantly, I want them to book me once we’ve met or spoken on the phone. It makes zero sense to gather information, send a potential client my entire pricelist, meet with them and end up not booking them because I neglected to close the deal. In fact, it can be a discouraging experience. The more brides that tell you no can and will psychologically affect your self-esteem, as well as your performance. Conversely, the more brides that say yes we would love to book you, the more confident and motivated you are to produce amazing work for them.

I have trained several respected wedding photographers and videographers using a system I thought most used.

The Closer - How to Book More Weddings

_The Closer – How to Book More Weddings


From Following Teshorn Jackson’s Consultation process we received our fastest client booking! I met with the couple last night at 5:30pm and received the signed contract this morning at 10:30am. #TRUTH Get his system! Our fastest booking to date! – Clivabeth Photography (Los Angeles, California)

 Thanks to Teshorn teaching on getting more bookings. As a Cinematographer I was very skeptical. I’m a known skeptic but I followed the system and booked on the spot. I used the walk away technique and I came back with a check waiting on me. – Chip Dizard Weddings (Baltimore, Maryland)

 2 for 2! Applied most of what Teshorn Jackson taught. Both clients said they had consultations scheduled with another photographer but told me they like me and will book me today. I didn’t even have to ask if there was anything stopping them from booking today. I came back from the leave the scene technique and they had their package picked out and ready to sign. – Second Shots Photography (Houston, TX)

 We booked another one within 3 days using the same technique taught by Teshorn Jackson. I also offered an incentive to which was an extra dose of desire for gain and fear of loss. Praise God! – Clivabeth Photography (Los Angeles, California)