Frosted Pink Cake – Life of a Baker

If you’re a business owner you know the challenges of being a solo practitioner. You are having to wear more hats than you were designed to wear. You chose to go into business for yourself to either pursue what it was that excited you or you didn’t feel like working for “The Man” anymore. I recently became curious about what a baker experiences on a daily basis and decided to create a personal project to show just that. I had the opportunity to meet with Tonja with Frosted Pink Cake at a wedding professional networking event earlier in April. The attendees had nothing but great things to say about her. I became intrigued and decided I’d haver bakery as my assignment.

A few weeks later I was able to visit her bakery while experiencing all she does on a day to day basic when her interns aren’t in the shop. While photographing her work, I had to remind myself that my goal isn’t to document a “how to” step by step guide or a “let’s shoot it pretty”, but instead focus on her story and what’s taking place.

Here’s a short video slideshow of Tonya in action.


Frosted Pink Cakes – BTS from Teshorn Jackson on Vimeo.