Growth Is A Must | Teshorn’s Foundation First Workshop Experience

As a wedding and portrait photographer we can get caught doing the same thing over and over without really thinking about it.  Without being exposed to “better” we can do ourselves and our clients a disservice by not giving them our absolute possible best. Our possible best comes from acknowledging we need help. In the 2015 wedding season I told myself I needed to be exposed to more accomplished and creative wedding photographers. I noticed the wedding market here in Dallas didn’t have the volume of dope creatives that came out of Europe and other parts of the country. Dallas has a lot of talented artists but what I was looking to accomplish I didn’t see much of locally. I remember a bride telling me that they’d spent the summer trying to find that “magical unicorn” in Dallas but came up short. Its then she mentioned a studio in Canada; Two Mann Studio (who also have attended the workshop). I was like, WOW! Hella Dope!..I knew I had lots to learn in order to one day become that magical unicorn some brides desire.

Summer of 2016 I had the opportunity to assist a colleague Jide Alakija (also a veteran from said workshop) while we were both working in Houston. He mentioned the workshop and thought it would be good for me to attend. I went home and research and saw the sticker price. OMG! $4600US DOLLARS?!!?!?!?! Then I saw the $2600US version which was still a sticker shocker. There was no way I was going to spend that amount of money on a 3 day workshop. I can purchase more gear and watch YouTube University and still have money left over.  After sitting and weighing the pros and the cons I dug deeper to see who has been through the system and where they were as artists and business people. The list didn’t shock me. Some of the worlds best have all attended. I knew I had to SACRIFICE in order to attend.  So that September morning I swallowed the bullet and contacted the organizer Huy Nguyen to register.

Attending the workshop in January not only gave me clarity in my systems but it allowed me to really experience what a wedding day can be like as a true photojournalist. I was taught how to really make images that resonate and not just take pretty emotional photos my clients love.

On shooting day of our assignment I questioned if I was good enough to be a wedding photographer. I’d shot numerous weddings but this assignment was unlike anything I’d ever done. For 30 minutes I struggled mentally deciding whether or not I wanted to continue. I am a talented photographer but coming to terms that I may not be cut out for job was an eye opening experience. Again I relaxed and took a deep breath so that I could focus.  At that moment I decided I wasn’t going to let a chaotic assignment get the best of me. I was going to walk away successful.  I sought help from my mentors  Craig Fritz and Gulnara Samoilova about how to best approach the objective. Like training wheel they came to my aide and sharing helpful tips that pushed me in the right direction. Looking back over the weekend I am thrilled to have been able to make the sacrifice to attend. I not only gained knowledge and experience, but I gained family. Huy Nguyen and his team are rockstars in my book. On my birthday which was the opening night of the workshop they had a large birthday cookie ready for me.

If you are at the stage of your career and you aren’t giving it your all and barely skimming the surface, I highly recommend checking out
If you plan on getting better so you’re able to tell a true story on wedding day without the gimmicks, then this workshop is for you. If you want honest, objective and real constructive feedback from amazing photojournalists like Tyler Wirken and Candice Cusic don’t let 2018 get here before you register for the next session.  I’m so excited for the 2017 wedding season. I’m ready to put into practice all I’ve learned.  A few colleagues have asked me what was my main takeaway and I’m not 100% sure I could give them an answer that would make them want to take part but I’m absolutely certain over time the images I create will answer their inquiries.

Here are some images from the workshop. Keep in mind, the objective wasn’t to make pretty photos…fearless photography

Above image from workshop assignmentfoundation first workshop

Above Image from workshop assignment 16177868_10211068785490525_6504883411252483151_o

Above image by my workshop mentor Craig Fritz

Above image by my workshop mentor Craig Fritz RJP_3852

Pre workshop images belowRJP_3860 RJP_3863 RJP_3871 RJP_3897 RJP_3908 RJP_3910 RJP_3912 RJP_3917 RJP_3926 RJP_3927 RJP_3941



Check out a past video from the workshop