How To Suck {Vendor Edition}


As I’m sitting mid flight I’m here thinking about the bad vendors I’ve ran into over the past year.  We all know that a wedding is an important day in the lives of couples. In most cases they have spent a lot of money to ensure they have the absolute best day everyone will remember. There are some who skimp out expecting the fairytale wedding and ended up with a nightmare. The objective of this blog isn’t to bash anyone in particular but to share the experience I’ve experienced.

Wedding Planner #1:

I flew out of the country to capture one of the sweetest couples I’ve ever met. Prior to flying out I spoke to the planner about getting information on the reception venue. Her response to me was, “the room is a standard room.” Um, excuse me but there is no such thing. Does it have black walls or ceilings? What about ceiling height? Any columns I must know about? What about the layout? Is it rectangular or circular? She could not answer any of my legitimate inquiries.

On wedding day she showed her true colors. She fussed at me telling me that I need to get the bride and her party in line because she felt like they weren’t paying her any attention. She then fussed at the limo driver while she was in the bridal suite. The look on the brides face told it all. I knew she wanted to cry but she held it together. Everyone left the hotel headed to the church. Big question, “where is the bride and her mom?” Guess the wedding planner neglected to make sure the bride had a way to the church. I’ll end the story here bc the more I think about it the more upset I’m getting. If you want more details please let me know.

Wedding Planner #2:

I called wedding planner the morning of the wedding since I still didn’t get a copy of the timeline. She told me she was at the beauty salon getting her hair done and that I’d get it when she got back home. It’s almost been a year and I’m still waiting. After the wedding she asked me how to get copies of the photos.

 Disco DJ From Hell:

If you’re like me you enjoy great music. During a reception you want to hear various hits that will get you moving on the dance floor. Well this wedding reception in particular was very interesting. It was as though I was in the twilight zone of 1970. I kid you not! The DJ played nothing but 70s music because that’s all he had. I watched the bride along with guests complain. It was so bad the bride had to fight the tears watching the line of her guests speaking to the DJ. I was told the DJ also played for the bride’s dad at his wedding back in the 80s. Guess he thought he could get away with Lionel Richie all night long. Pun intended LOL

Photographer Grrr

Reception has started and as a guest I’m paying attention to what’s going on. The photographer is no where to be seen. In fact he was outside in the lobby hanging out with his 18-55m kit lens and his Nikon d40.  The father of the bride sees me and then remembers I’m a photographer. My family asks me to go get my camera. I said no because this is not my wedding. I will be a guest and just enjoy some Lionel Richie All Night Long (hint hint). I watched the photographer sit for most of the night in the corner with his wife. I could not believe all the moments that were being missed.

As a wedding professional it’s very important that you take the task seriously. You were selected for a reason be it low price or the fact you provide the absolute best service. You can’t take that task lightly or just think you’ll do what you always do. You never know who is paying attention. That mindset is not sustainable in this wedding climate. Younger and more ambitious individuals are jumping in and they are hungry to make a name for themselves. I’ll have to wrap this up now as I’m being asked to turn off all electronic devices, sit with seats forward and tray tables in the upright position. I’ll end with this last thing. Either you get your act together or watch someone replace you. Evolve or Die!