J Lee in Toronto – Eaton Centre

As a photographer I’ve been blessed to travel to places I never thought I’d see. This career has also given me an opportunity to meet the most interesting people. A few weeks ago I traveled to Toronto to photograph a wedding for a special family who have now become my family. While getting dressed to go into the city, I received a text message from my friend J Lee who was supposed to be in Jamaica. Her message read, “word on the street is that you’re in Toronto.”

I was happy to get a text but rather annoyed because she wasn’t in town. To my surprise she said she’s still in town. I was elated because the last time I was there she was in the UK. We discussed our plans and to my surprise we were both going to the same place around the same time.

After finding her in her favorite book store I suggested we go outside and do an impromptu photo session. She wasn’t too excited as there was no preparation. Needless to say, she obliged and we endured the crowd of onlookers. I really had a good time connecting with one of my closest friends. She’s one of the most talented women I know and she’s very very intelligent. She’s one person I try not to debate with too much. Hump! If you’re ever in need for a lawyer, writer or just an awesome person, sorry you can’t have her lol

Here are some of the photos from our session.

JLee_Toronto-1 JLee_Toronto-2 JLee_Toronto-3 JLee_Toronto-4JLee_Toronto-5a JLee_Toronto-6 JLee_Toronto-7 JLee_Toronto-8 JLee_Toronto-9 JLee_Toronto-10 JLee_Toronto-11 JLee_Toronto-12 JLee_Toronto-13 JLee_Toronto-14 JLee_Toronto-15 JLee_Toronto-16 Now time to go get some food…