Stacy + Jeremy Wedding

The last time we saw this couple it was for their ENGAGEMENT session. I was eager to capture their fun filled day.  It was at one of my local favorite venues,  Piazza in the Village in Colleyville Texas. Here are some of the images from the day.

IMG_1836 IMG_1887 IMG_1891 IMG_1906 IMG_1916 IMG_1920 IMG_1928 IMG_2002 IMG_2047 IMG_2084 IMG_2085

IMG_2129 IMG_2142 IMG_2146 IMG_2330 IMG_2333 IMG_2366 IMG_2374 IMG_2540 IMG_2569 IMG_2582 IMG_2593 IMG_2676 IMG_2694 IMG_2708 IMG_2892 IMG_2912 IMG_2940 IMG_2949 IMG_2952 IMG_2962 IMG_2972 IMG_3087 IMG_3134 IMG_3210 IMG_3252 IMG_3273 IMG_3366 IMG_3404 IMG_3512 IMG_3518