The B Word

It’s that time of year when you start hearing the big ‘B’ word. Yes! The hated word BUDGET. Couples are getting engaged and with the excitement at a 10+ reality sets in and then it’s time to talk about the budget.

Well where do you start? Should you plan things yourself or should you hire a wedding planner? If you want to get the most from your budget it’s always best to hire a wedding planner. Yes they will cost you money but they will also save you more than what you paid them.

So what about the photography? When do you select one? Well if you talk to someone who doesn’t have much experience, they would say that you save that selection till the end. The problem is, after you’ve exhausted your budget you won’t have much left. The next thing you start to do is question whether or not quality is that important.

One photographer will quote you $2,800 and you get everything you desire with quality being most important. The other photographer quotes you $500 with quality that’s obviously questionable. Because you waited until the last minute to book your photographer you are inclined to hire the latter. Do not be a victim of the runaway budget!

How do you solve that problem? It starts with setting a realistic budget once you decide to get married. Even if it means you deny monthly splurges and put it towards your wedding budget, start now. If you read How to choose a wedding photographer and be ok you would be able to put things in it’s proper perspective.




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