My Vacation Recap

Antigua was an amazing experience. It was without a doubt my best 3 weeks ever. It was so good that I gained 5 pounds. I’m almost certain it’s not the pounds I was looking for but nonetheless my belly left very happy.

I had the opportunity to meet new and exciting life long friends and get a nice tour of the island. No matter how many time I’ve been there, there’s so much to see.  Besides the excitement of being in Antigua I finally got time to unwind and take time for myself and reflect on the blessings that keep coming my way.  I have a lot of photographer friends all over the world and I’m blessed to be able to travel several times per year and not have to worry about anything.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetJust landed in Antigua #AmericanAirlines

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My first place I went to was the beach. I was on the market for some ocean breeze.

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I will tell you, you’ve never had a mango unless you’ve had one from Liberta. End of story!

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Took an adventure tour with one of my friends and we came across an infestation of jelly fish. That really sucked because the water was very warm.

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Took my GoPro out for some underwater photos.

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the look after I had to leave the warm water. I was not too happy.

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let me know if you’re jealous yet lol

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these are known as guineps pronounced gyin-nip or the scientific name Melicoccus bijugatus or spanish lime via wikipedia.


this is what the fruit looks like on the inside.


guess i’m still able to climb trees at my age lol


ok this is something I haven’t seen in a very long time. its a cold and refreshing juice in a bag. i’d suggest getting one when you’re there. it’s very hard to find so ask for the bread shop in Piggots village.


carnival monday and tuesday was simply amazing. if you’d like to see more from carnival click HERE

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most days you could find me at this beach unwinding or riding a jet ski.


my first time on a jet ski and I was very nervous. don’t stone me yet lol


I was actually scared…


ok I think you’ve seen enough.


some new friends I met.


yes its my fake smile lol. more new friends who were visiting from a cruise ship all the way from NYC. they were on the island just for a few hrs and ended up at my favorite spot.


morning reflection and meditation all by myself.


sometimes you’ve got to just stop. here’s my moment.


one item you don’t want to not have. my off clip ons. yes I stay strapped lol



it was around 5am after leaving an event and I had to get food to feed my cravings.


another one of my absolute favorite fruits is the Antigua black pineapple. perhaps the sweetest pineapple in the world.


catching up with some friends over lunch.


soca monarch show with an old friend who is always hard to get in contact with. had to take a quick selfie.


quick snapshot from the soca monarch show.



day 20 last moments at the airport

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time to say goodbye and I didn’t want to. For more travel photos you can click HERE

It’s not everyday you get to visit paradise and not have a care in the world for 3 weeks. I got to do that not because I’m some awesome wedding photographer but because I’m simply blessed. Blessed to have amazing clients and a family that support my dream to be an awesome photographer. With hard work and dedication the reward always pays off 10 folds. There are lots of sessions I didn’t post but may do a followup one at the end of the year to recap. Well thanks for taking time to visit my blog. I hope you weren’t too  bored.