pinIf you’re like me you believe in being your own person. You believe in staying inspired. You want to stand out as there can only be one of you. Even twins have their own identity no matter how close they are to each other. As a wedding photographer I watch concerts, movies, documentaries, scan through magazines and other online blogs to stay inspired. What I will not do is copy exactly what I see. Granted there’s nothing new under the sun but I’m willing to try something different during each wedding.

As I sit with couples during the consultation I’m seeing a serious trend on the rise that concerns me.  I had a bride show me her entire pinterest board and told me she wanted the same photos and that her wedding was going to be exactly like what she pinned.  Now I’m no diva and I’m supposed to oblige and carry out the needs since I was selected from a sea of photographers.

My issue is, why would you want to copy exactly what someone else did? What happened to being your own person? What happened to having your own ideas? I was contacted because you saw my work and saw the quality and not because I photographed something you saw on pinterest. The problem is that pinterest should be used as inspiration only. The wedding day should be about the couple and their personality and style should be obvious. When guests walk into the ceremony or reception, they should be thinking, “This is definitely their wedding. I see things that represent them.” Your unique style should be represented in at least 1 out of our 5 senses.

You are special and unique. Do not let pinterest steal your identity. Let your personality and identity shine through. Now go pin and find inspiration.