Well with all things, change is a must. As you know I’ve made serious changes to my business and with those changes comes identifying marks. We’re in a tough economy and people have become very thrifty when it comes to their pocketbooks. I too am the same way. However, I had to step up and hire a great graphic designer Rondel Charles Designs to design me a new logo. It had to be something that represents me and one that I would love.
He and I had an hour conversation over Skype since he’s located in Trinidad. It was odd because it’s been a very long time since I’ve been a client and the questions I normally ask clients were being ask to me. Nonetheless, we spoke in depth about what I’d like to see. Within 24 hrs of me signing the contract I had 2 options. By day 2, I had like 6 more. By the way I loved 90% of them.

I now have to decide which one will work for me. It’s a very hard decision because I’m not going back.
I wish I could post the images of the examples but out of respect for him, I won’t. What you will find in my next post is the new logo for Teshorn Jackson Photography. Stay tuned!!!


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