Eleanor + Taylor – Dallas Engagement

I had the opportunity to meet Eleanor about seven years ago when I was the photographer for the Black and Gold Pageant at the University of Texas at Arlington. Even then she had a presence about her that commanded attention. As her talent, she delivered a spoken word piece that was so dynamic that people were crying by the time she was finished. We stayed in touch over the years and I was the photographer at her best friends wedding . After that experience she told me, “When I get married you will be the one to shoot my wedding!” A few years passed and she has since moved to Geneva, and is working on her PhD. I recently received a call from an international number I didn’t recognize, I answered and on the other end was the unmistakable voice of Eleanor. She was coming to the states for a visit with family and friends and she was bringing her fiancé and would like to have an engagement session while she was here.

The first time I met her fiancé Taylor, I was impressed by his love for her. He excitedly showed me her YouTube spoken word videos, and proudly showed me her TEDx presentation.

If you know anything about Eleanor, you know she all about creating a statement and of course a lasting impression. So the Hall of State in Fair Park was a logical choice as a backdrop for their engagement shoot. I get asked if I’m a Dallas Nigerian wedding photographer because of the amount of cultural weddings and engagements that I photograph but I’m not. I’m just a blessed guy from the Caribbean; Antigua to be specific.

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