Destination – Love Landing

ML_Coterie_Badge_2015It’s not everyday a photographer tells his clients that he’d like to photograph them at the airport. I’m sure Curtis and Jerrica was thinking, “of all places, why the airport” lol. I found some inspiration and had to do it there.  Well they cautiously bought into the vision I had. I made the necessary calls to make sure I wasn’t stopped by TSA or any other airport official. Interesting enough, when we arrived I went to speak to airport security and my heart sank. He told me he knew nothing about it even though I had physical copies of my approval. He called another officer to the scene and he saw how nice the couple dressed and gave me the green light. Whew! Crisis averted. We went to work and my excitement was at all time high.  I was not only in a very different location with security cameras everywhere, but I was using all new tools. I sold all of go-to lens a month or so ago and wanted to step out and do things differently. Since you’re already getting bored with gear talk, here’s Jerrica and Curtis:

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