New Year New Goals


It’s that time of year when most will set their short and long term goals. If you’re like me you’re probably nervous to write them down. Being it’s a new year I’m going to write these goals down and allow you to hold me accountable. Here are my goals in no particular order:

1 – I’d love to book a minimum of 24 weddings Booked 11 as of Feb 9th
2 – Book 3 international weddings or in other markets outside of Dallas-Fort Worth Accomplished
3 – Challenge myself by being more creative
4 – Add the Canon 5d Mark III and either the 50mm 1.2 or the 85mm 1.2 to my arsenal
(Currently have the Canon 5d Mark II, 24-70 f/2.8, 50mm f/1.4 & 70-200 f/2.8)
5 – Relaunch a new main site  Accomplished
6 – Add a consistent videographer to my team
7 – Send one lucky wedding client (past/present/future) on an all expense paid weekend getaway (contingent of #1)
8 – Have every wedding edited within 10 days (currently at 14-21 days)
9 – Produce a fully functional intern
10 – Get another publication Accomplished
11 – Blog every wedding at least 5 days after photos have been edited (perhaps an interns job?)
12 – Add more personal blogs (kinda nervous about that)

Let’s see if I’m able to do everything on the list.