How to be a bad wedding guest

If you’re like me you enjoy weddings and at weddings things can get interesting. Emotions are high because we get excited to see the details which speaks about the couple. We get to see the bride in her dress and see if the groom will cry or just stand there in amazement.  Some of us can’t wait to get to the reception to eat and party like a rockstar. However as a wedding photographer there are a few things to consider when you get invited if you want to be a bad wedding guest.

You want to remember the day is not about the couple. It’s about YOU. Anything you do must interrupt their day. What does that really mean? When they hire their photographer they are signing a contract which states there is only ONE photographer present and that photographer is you. Sucks they didn’t pay you though right? Do not leave your professional cameras at home! Do not stay in  your seat trying to capture the day. That is why you received an invitation right?  Show the hired professional how to do his or her job while they sit back knowing they have been paid.

From my experience I’ve had what would be a beautiful moment ruined by guests who became intrusive. One guest even showed me up by jumping in front of me while the couple jumped the broom. 5 stars for that guest. Is it fair to the couple who has spent a lot of money on their photographer have guests with their superhero cape ruin part of their day. Remember the day is all about you and not the couple you are there supporting.  Taking selfies from your seat before the ceremony is boring so why not jump out in the middle of the aisle and get the creative shot 🙂

Here’s something else you can do to be a bad wedding guest. If you are already a professional photographer bring all of your gear. If you really want to make a statement also bring your studio lights. If you’re a natural light photographer, bring your high dollar glass and shoot away. Have a blast. Before the hired photographer edits his or her images, post yours to social media and your website and let people believe the wedding was a client you booked. That would be amazing right?

Clearly the couple wanted your services so much that you received an official invitation in the mail instead of a signed contract with a retainer. Hmm something sounds fishy there.

On A Serious Note:

We are living in a world where there’s a sea of cell phone cameras high in the sky trying to get blurry images which will never get printed. In some cases never get posted anywhere. Guests are becoming more bold and disruptive for selfish gain. Contractually a photographer can leave the wedding or stop taking photos if guests are making it difficult to work.

I recently photographed a wedding and there were about 12 guests with cameras, iPads and cell phones out of their seats circling me. It was the most annoying thing I’ve experienced on wedding day. I was frustrated and even bumped into one of them while in action. Imagine had he received an elbow on accident? It would have been a serious commotion and again ruin the day.

In closing, if you’re getting married, consider having an unplugged wedding. That means no photos from guests.  Have them power off all mobile devices.  That also means while you’re getting dressed your uncle or aunt needs not be in the room taking photos. That too is intrusive. During the ceremony have the announcement made that if caught the planner will escort them out. Again that can be a disruption of the ceremony. As a guest, enjoy the moment instead of trying to capture it. Live in the moment because you can’t get it back.

Here are samples of bad wedding guests

As a bride, what are your thoughts?