Jasmine + Lemuel e-session – Oh Yea!

It brings me great joy to write this blog. If you’ve paid attention to my early work you would remember Jasmine. We met while we were both at the University of Texas at Arlington. We’ve come such a long way since the early years. She was a model and I was a guy trying to make a name for myself in the photography community. She was always willing to let met try new lighting techniques. I’d send a quick text, “Hey Jas, are you available in the next 3 hours?” She’s either say, “Yes” or “No but I’ll be in 4 hours.” I can always depend on my friend. Lemuel I met later on. He’s a great fun loving guy. It’s very obvious why they are together. I’m honored to be the one capturing their special moments. Here are some of my favorite moments from our session.


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