Jennifer + Augustine – Dallas Nigerian Wedding – St. Monica Catholic Church

Usually I’d write a story about my couples but after hearing about how they met, I’d let Jennifer share about them.

“In 2007 I met Augustine at a local community college in Dallas, TX. He was my admissions advisor and he was preparing me for entrance into the school. When I approached his window I saw his name tag and I knew that he was Nigerian (BIG plus). I was excited to talk to him at length about anything but of course we were limited on time. I just kept to the business at hand, provided my necessary documents and followed his instructions. When he handed me my advising report I remember actually making eye contact with him and thinking how handsome he was. The moment was very brief but I knew that somehow I would see him later in life. I had instances over the course of my time at the college that required me to go to the advising office repeatedly. I would get very excited about the prospect of running into Augustine and I would get a little sad when he wasn’t there. I eventually forgot about my little crush and just assumed if we were meant to be in each other’s lives we would. In 2009 I was leaving class at Wooten Hall at the University of North Texas and while walking down the stairs I thought I saw Augustine. We make eye contact and he kept walking. I call out to him, he responds and we chat briefly about life. I left that day thinking how unusual it was for me to see him at my school. But that wouldn’t be the only encounter I would have with Augustine at UNT. In the summer of 2010 I remember looking for a class in the Biology building and who do I see but Augustine, who offers to walk me to class. During that summer we kept bumping into each other at the same spot on campus. I started to realize that was God was giving us a very big hint. Around December of 2010 he gave into fate, he asked me out and we went on our first date! And we became a pair not to long afterwards.”


The wedding day started out very emotional when Augustine opened up an album Jennifer put together for him. There were images of a young Augustine and dad who passed after Augustine visited him back in Nigeria. Sneak peek video at the bottom of this blog.


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Jennifer and Augustine Sneak Peek from Teshorn Jackson on Vimeo.