Jerrica + Curtis Wedding – Mediterranean Villa Arlington

My journey with Jerrica and Curtis started seven years ago when Curtis
was a student at the University of Texas in Arlington. He was the treasurer of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity INC…I was a new photographer and they were in need of someone to photograph their annual black and gold pageant and promotional images. We kept in touch over the years and when the time came for him to get married, I was his first call to photograph his wedding.
At our initial consultation I knew there was something special about them and
I wanted to do something unique and creative with their engagement shoot. You can see the session here.
Wedding day started bright and early, the Groom and his fellow gentleman getting ready at the Aloft. When I arrived at the hotel it was quite the reunion. There we a lot of familiar faces from college. The bride and her lovely ladies were at the Nylo getting the full glam squad treatment.
The wedding ceremony and reception took place at the Mediterranean Villa located in Arlington TX. As the bride walked down the aisle escorted by her dad, s
he held a beautiful bouquet wrapped in a locket with a picture of her mother who passed away a few years ago. After the ceremony, I had a few minutes alone with them to get some intimate pics. Then it was time for the groom with his whistle and the gentlemen of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. to strut their stuff, but the bride
and the lovely ladies of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc would not be outdone!
Congratulations Jerrica and Curtis we wish you many years of wedding bliss! Thanks to my other photo sister Tyson for assisting.

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