Jewel + Rod e-Session

There are times when you run into couples who are beautiful¬†together. Jewel and Rod are one of those whom you get excited watching. Rod the country guy and Jewel the city girl blends well together. I’m excited to share a part of their love story. We’re all anxiously waiting on their wedding day to see what stops they pull out. Stay tuned for the big day. Until then, here are some of the images from their engagement session.

Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-100 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-101 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-102 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-103 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-106 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-109 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-112 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-113 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-114 Jewel_Rod_Engagement_Texas-116