Joe and David Anniversary – Atlanta

When Jo Taylor told me she was getting married I was over the moon. She and I both studied Architecture at the University of Texas at Arlington so I knew I had to be there. She wanted me to be her photographer but unfortunately I had a wedding to cover in another country. We decided that on her one year wedding anniversary I would come to Atlanta to capture their love.  We decided to connect near Georgia State University since since both Jo and David shared many walks around the campus once she moved to Atlanta. Few minutes into the session and I knew they both loved each other. I’ve seen her happy over the years but I’ve never seen her this happy like when David is with her. If I had any doubts about what love looked like, those doubts went out the window. Here are a few of my favorite images from the session.Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 40

Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 16 Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 29 Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 46 Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 94 Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 68 Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 75Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 70 Jo_David_Engagement_Atlanta 88