Latoya + Jason | Chateau Cocomar Wedding Houston

There are those times in life where a fairy tale comes true and the wedding of Jason and
LaToya was one of those times. They were childhood friends who reconnected and that
is where their happily ever after began…
The setting for their wedding was the breathtaking Chateau Cocomar located in Houston
Texas. This gorgeous venue looks like it was taken right out of the pages of a novel.
Latoya always dreamed of being a princess on her wedding day and now all the pieces of
the puzzle came together for her. First the prince, the castle and now she was the
As she was getting dressed her and her mother shared a sentimental moment that only
happens on a wedding day between the bride and her mother.
The excitement in the air was electric as she walked outside to meet her prince for the
first time. She truly looked like the princess of her castle as she walked through the long
hallways to meet her groom to be who was waiting for her.
His expression was priceless! This was truly the woman of his dreams and he was
completely overwhelmed with emotion when he saw her for the first time. They took a
few moments together and then were joined by their ample bridal party.
The ceremony began and there was a collective gasp in the crowd as the doors opened
and Latoya and her father walked down the aisle, almost like a coronation. She looked
regal, almost royal as she walked down the aisle toward her prince. His smile was just as
radiant and you could feel the love they had for each other as they stood in front of the
The ceremony was filled with laughter and a few tears and ended with an amazing song
from their childhood friends. They exited the ceremony smiling from ear to ear, knowing
their fairy tale had just begun.
Just like any castle, the Chateau had a beautiful library and this was the perfect setting to
take what would be one of their most iconic pictures of the bride and groom with their
entire bridal party.
Their reception was beautiful with large floral centerpieces and lots of candlelight. As
the new Mr and Mrs Mann stepped out for their first dance, it truly looked like the prince
and his beloved princess falling in love all over again. After dinner he surprised her with
a dance and he was joined by his twin brother and the other groomsmen.
The evening flew by with more dancing and of course they cut their stunning cake and
the guests danced late into the night.
With the night finally coming to an end their guests lined the path with sparklers to give
them a proper send off into their new life as husband and wife!!
It was truly a pleasure to share in their day and I wish them many,many years of wedding

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