Robin + Greg – Surprise Wedding Proposal at the Dallas Arboretum

I had the honor of photographing my first of many surprise wedding proposals. Tisha Holman of Tisha Holman Events reached out to me on behalf of Greg who was both nervous and excited to propose to Robin. The objective was to become a spy and document the love birds as they walked through the Dallas Arboretum without being noticed. Tisha being the fantastic educator and detailed wedding planner, gave specific instructions that meant the most to Greg. The day had to be as he envisioned. The challenge was knowing exactly when the couple would enter the park. Tisha would send me a status update from the liaison who gave the couple a tour. The lighting wasn’t ideal which means I couldn’t place them in the best light. I had to use my experience to make things happen. Another challenge I ran into was it had rained the day before and some parts of the ground was wet and slippery. As I made a mad dash to get a great angle I took a tumble and landed in the bushes. A few bumps and bruises was definitely worth it.

I couldn’t have pulled off this mission without Tisha and I’m looking forward to doing many more. Here are the images.

TJP_2272 TJP_2271 TJP_2260 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-97 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-1 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-4 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-5 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-6 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-14 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-17 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-20 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-22 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-24 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-30 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-34 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-35 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-45 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-53 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-57 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-59 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-84 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-66 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-70 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-72 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-79 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-80 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-87 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-88 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-90 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-95 Surprise Proposal_Dallas_Arboretum-96